I can create high resolution QR codes, Barcodes, for retail stores, product information, business cards, real estate, and event tickets for secure access/entry to your events.

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Anthony Okpo

Joined March 03,2021
QR API QR SDK QR Batch Mobile App DevOps.
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I provide the below services with high-quality results in a timely, professional, and accurate manner. Product Tags and Packaging: ======================= Add QR Code to product packaging with links to receive customer feedback, provide customer support, or promote social media. Social Media Interactions: ===================== Generate and share unique profile QR Codes in your mobile application to add new contacts via scanning. QR Code Payments: ================ Electronically generate QR Codes in mobile apps or print on bills to allow users to transfer money and accept payments using their smartphones. Document Verification: =================== Add unique QR Codes to documents that link to information in your database for verification. Inventory Management: ==================== Print QR Codes on products to identify and track inventory with a smartphone or tablet.

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