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How do I use Vhjobs?

General Information about hiring and rendering services on Vhjobs
Updated february 7, 2019

Search For Services/Post a Job

Search through our robust list of professionals by simply searching for any service you need. Need a service/skill near you? Tailor your search by including your location and choose a service provider near you.

Review Service provider

Review the list of service providers from your search results, check out their profiles and customer reviews before selecting one that matches your needs.

Hire a Service provider

Hire the service provider that best suit your needs and discuss your project. Ensure you agree on your project timeline, terms of service, cost of service and mode of payment.

Make Payment for Service Rendered

Payment for all services you request for will be made through our website and added to your wallet. Once the service provider has marked your project as “service rendered”, you will need to confirm that your project is satisfactory then mark the project as completed. Payment will only be released to the service provider when you mark your project as complete.

Add Your Service

Vhjobs is always open to professionals who are willing to offer their skills for a price. To add your service, simply click the ‘Add your service’ menu button, create a great and attractive profile that commensurates your skills and you are all set!

Get Hired by Clients

Make it easy for clients to hire you by furnishing your profile with relevant information that include past jobs/project. You can also search for jobs that match your skill set. Show interest in these job requests by sending a compelling proposal that highlights what you can do for the client to increase your chances of getting hired.

Render Great Service

To increase your chances of getting future jobs, deliver excellent service to clients who hire you. Clients who hire you will review the quality of your work and vice versa so ensure you give your best. You will be banned from using if you get too many unsatisfactory reviews from clients.

Get Paid

Payment for all services you render will be made through our website and added to your wallet upon successful completion of the service.

As soon as you have delivered a service to a client and both parties are satisfied, you and the buyer will mark the service as completed. Once this is done, payment made for the service by the client will be added to client's wallet. It is only then that you can withdraw the funds to your account.

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