Whenever you hire a service provider, there may be situations where you have to chase the service provider before the job will be done or as a service provider there will be times you render your services and your client will tell you to come back for payment in some weeks time which may turn into months.

Situations like this birthed Paysat

What is Paysat?

About paysat

Paysat is a hiring protection feature on vhjobs which basically means, Payment on Satisfaction. The feature mandates a payment of service into the Paysat account within the valid period of the transaction.

An end client pays agreed amount from their funded wallet or via card into the Paysat account when hiring on the vhjobs. The amount paid is inaccessible to both end client and the service provider till service provider renders a satisfactory job. After doing so, the service provider gets an approval from the end client by marking the order as completed and the money will be transferred to the service provider's vhjobs account.

Why Should I Use Paysat?

Money back guarantee

We promise you your money back if service provider did not render service as promised, or if service is not rendered within the agreed period of transaction. You can get a refund 15 days after the claim process finishes.


With Paysat, you eliminate the risks of being scammed when you pay before a service is been rendered.

Hire with confidence

Paysat boosts your confidence while hiring and transacting as you are rest assured that payment will only be made when yu are 100% satisfied.

Make money

Every service hired via vhjobs ensures that money is paid by client before service is been rendered. This ensures that service providers gets paid for every service rendered which inturns increases revenue of service providers

Work with confidence

Paysat boosts service provider's confidence while rendering their service because they are certain that they will get paid after rendering a satisfactory service.

How it works

Every payment made on Vhjobs is protected by Paysat. Your payment is only released to the service provider after you are satisfied with the service rendered. Any payment made that bypasses vhjobs is not protected by us.


Search for service you want to hire

Search and find the service and skill set to hire or inform your service provider to create a service profile page by clicking the add service button.


Reach an agreement about the terms of the Job with the service provider:

After selecting a service, discuss the nature of the job and terms that cut through duration and cost of rendering the service. Once an agreement is reached, ensure you have it documented and signed between both parties.


Make Payment

The service provider offers a rate and payment is made.


Payment covered by PAYSAT

The payment is covered by the Paysat protection feature which ensures payment will only be released on satisfaction. Payment will be held in an inaccessible account until the job is delivered and approved as satisfactory.


Add Service

Service providers start with registering on Vhjobs, then proceed to add their services by supplying specifics about the service, location and pricing. Once service providers add their service on the platform, their profiles would be displayed to a pool of clients coming on vhjobs to hire and get hired.


Get hired via vhjobs

PaySat ensures that the client makes payment before you can be hired. After being hired for a job, payment for your job according to your rate would be made available in your vhjobs wallet once the job is marked as completed by your client. You can then have them withdrawn to your account.

Safely Hire And Render Your Service

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