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Learn the secrets of Audio Production & Mixing from a certified engineer and teacher with 12+ years of experience. The method was tested thoroughly during years of coaching practice. It aims to quickly develop basic skills trough a hands-on, straightforward approach. NO unnecessary theory at the beginning, just easy HOW-TOs, personalized guidance and pro-tips. 45 minutes classes for every level, start from the basics and build your skills up to professional level! Learn how to avoid common errors, to choose the right gear/software and the steps to create a major sounding mix. Every student gets a flexible and unique plan (time schedule, class subjects, personalized reviews). Platform used: Skype (I'm open to new tools if needed by the student). What you'll learn Session Setup and Basic mixing concepts Basic Mix (Levels, EQ, Compression, Panning, Track Trimming) Advanced Mix (Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Track Automation) Bass & High-end Treatment Mastering Elements for the Mixing Engineer Music Arranging Elements and more! Feel free to contact me for any additional information!

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